Our Story

Like so many, Panduzzle Puzzles starts with struggle. When Joe was laid off from his role as Director of eCommerce, he found solace in the art of puzzles. The singular focus they offered provided a tranquil escape from life's chaos. But Joe's quest for aesthetically pleasing designs hit a roadblock – until one fateful puzzle arrived on his doorstep, and its low-quality design shattered his expectations.
In that very moment, inspiration struck like a lightning bolt. Combining his eCommerce acumen, his eye for design, and his passion for puzzles, Joe envisioned Panduzzle Puzzles – a haven where the artistry of design meets the joy of puzzling.
At the core of Panduzzle's inception is an unwavering commitment to quality. Each puzzle he curates carries his seal of approval, meticulously handpicked to exude excellence in both aesthetics and craftsmanship. With a sharp eye for detail, we ensure that every Panduzzle puzzle isn't just a challenge; it's a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.
The result? A brand that stands as a testament to the dedication to creating more than just puzzles. Panduzzle is an embodiment of his passion for crafting engaging experiences, his love for impeccable design, and his mission to share the delight of mindful tranquility with the world.
From reptile keeper to eCommerce leader to puzzle connoisseur, Joe's journey resonates in every piece that Panduzzle offers. So when you engage with a Panduzzle puzzle, know that you're not just solving – you're connecting with a brand founded on quality, creativity, and the pursuit of artful serenity.
Thank you for reading,
Joe Phelan, Founder
Joe Phelan Panduzzle founder